Our company values...

Changing perceptions of tradespeople, one job at a time…

What makes us different?

Quite simply. Our values - a message from our Director….

I know the market is awash with companies offering the similar or the same services in one guise or another, however I have sought to provide a fresh alternative to what many people perceive tradespeople to be. Sadly there are a number of bad apples out there that ruin it for all of us. I have been extremely lucky to have entered this industry and surround myself with some excellent and skilled professionals.

Working alone as a sole trader and the handyman when I started out I found myself often in situations outside of my skill set and in need of help from those in the know. I have spent years forging good relationships with these people, and working alongside them personally. It was through this work and these experiences that this new company was born. I realised that so many of my customers couldn't find good honest people and often would come to me for recommendation. Always happy to put forward the details of people I knew first hand, the calls increased in regularity asking for different things, and I found myself unknowingly managing these jobs.

In 2016 I decided that I was in a better position to bring these good people in together under the umbrella of one company and as i'd built strong and trusted relationships, I would retain responsibility for the works rather than just passing over a name. This was well received by my clients and contractors alike and very quickly the service grew. Still today I personally oversee all works and still provide Handyman cover for the company too.

My previous background impressed upon me the importance of first impressions and professionalism, and that "integrity is non negotiable"

- All Contractors will wear a uniform of description if not one of our own.
- Our vehicles are clean and roadworthy
- All Contractors adhere to a "considerate contractor" policy, I do not tolerate foul or distasteful language on sites, No smoking on sites, and sites will always be left in an acceptable condition on completion.
- All Contractors are both qualified for the tasks they are completing and both insured independently and also again under our professional indemnity policy.
- We are "safe contractor" accredited
- We are licensed waste carriers with the Environment agency.

Thank you to all of our Customers and Contractors that have made the company what it is today. Without the best people - we would just be the same as everyone else.

Lee Gibbs
Company Director